Work Bond Requirements, Effective 2024
Delaware Township Athletic Association (DTAA) is a 100% volunteer-run association. We rely on
the work of all of our members to ensure that our sports run as smooth as possible for the youth
of our community. Our work bond is established to ensure that all families put in a small amount
of time to ensure the operation of our all-volunteer league that benefits our children.
What is the Work Bond?
A work bond is a check made out to DTAA when your child plays Baseball, Softball, and/or
Soccer. That payment will not be processed unless the requirements of the work bond are not
How much is the Work Bond?
Starting in 2024, the work bond is $200. Players will not be rostered until the work bond deposit
is received.
How can I satisfy the requirements of the Work Bond?
A family with one child playing a sport must complete 3 hours of volunteer work and a family
with multiple children must complete 6 hours of volunteer work. This includes spring field prep,
fall field clean-up, working Snack Shack shifts, pre-game and post-game field maintenance
and coaching. Board Members and Head Coaches are exempt from the work bond. Assistant
Coaches are responsible for half of the hours required (2.5 for a single child or 4 for multiple).
At least 2 of your volunteer hours must come from the completion of a Snack Shack shift.
For purposes of fulfilling bond requirements, you have from January – November 30 of that
sport year. It is suggested that Baseball and Softball families complete their bond in the Spring
season, and Soccer families complete their bond in the Fall season to balance Snack Shack
coverage. A sample list of volunteer opportunities is listed further below.

The bond requirement does not increase for children who play multiple sports (i.e. families of
children who play soccer and basketball do not need to pay more than $200 for the year or
complete more than 6 hours).
How will the progress of my Work Bond be tracked?
The current year Work Bond Form is available at any time on the DTAA website. This enables
you to start fulfilling your work bond beginning in January of the current sport(s) year. This form
must be signed off by a Board Member upon completion of a task. This form must be mailed
to PO BOX 107, Sergeantsville, NJ 08557, emailed to, or handed to a
Board Member upon completion of volunteer hours. If the hours required are not completed
by December 1 of that given year, your payment will be processed. If mailing your form, please
ensure you keep a copy for your own records.
What happens if I don’t volunteer?
You may choose to authorize payment up front if you do not wish to volunteer. Otherwise,
your payment will be processed by December 1 of that sport year if you do not fulfil all of your
bond requirements. We will not prorate the bond for partial volunteer hours. This money will
be used to pay for field maintenance, equipment and capital improvements.
What are the volunteer opportunities?
Below is a non-exhaustive list of volunteer opportunities. The Vice President/Secretary/Sport
Director will announce additional opportunities as they become available.

  • Snack Shack shifts (2 hour increments); minimum requirement of one shift to meet bond
  • Spring field prep
  • Fall field clean-up
  • Pre- and Post-game field prep and clean-up
  • Weekly field maintenance (as directed by Field Maintenance Coordinator)
  • Assistant Coaching
  • Basketball games snack table shifts (DTS gym)
  • DTAA fundraising events
  • Line striping
  • Soccer net replacement
  • Shed clean-up
  • Picture Day / distribution
  • Uniform split/distribution
  • Side line flags (2 judges/game)

How are the registration and cashed bond fees used?
DTAA is transparent regarding finances and expenditures. Fees are used for uniforms, shared
sports equipment (e.g. catcher gear), field maintenance, referee/umpire fees, tournament
fees, safety equipment (first aid kids, ice packs, etc.), insurance.